A Small Gift vs A Big Gift

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A Small Gift vs A Big Gift

We often give some gifts to establish or to maintain the good relationship. 
Because we intuitively know that the gifts are important in terms of establishing a relationship, we become worried and nervous about selecting gifts. 
Here is a practical advice about the gifts, especially the size of them. 
Give a small gift that should not make the recipient feel uncomfortable. 
How do you express your gratitude? 
Is it OK enough just to say “thank you” instead of giving any gift or give a big gift to impress?
In conclusion, give a small gift that does not make someone uncomfortable. 
This is proven to be good by the study done by Professor Regan at Cornell University. 
They experimented by dividing people into 2 teams, then the Regan team distributed soft drinks to one of 2 teams saying that these drinks were given by the other team freely. 
And the other team was not given anything. 
And then the Regan team asked both teams to buy donation tickets. 
Would there be any difference in buying ratio?
If so, would it be significant or slight?
The buying ratio of the group who received soft drinks was higher by 2 times. And the member of Regan team was not kind when distributing soft drinks and this did not affect this result. 

A small gift makes people emotional and a big gift makes people logical.

People do not feel burdened with the small gift as it is small, yet this small gift unconsciously
makes them feel owed something. Therefore someone who received a small gift has an escalated favor in the giver. 
On the other hand, a big gift makes the recipient think over twice or more. Why did he/she give this expensive iPad Pro or watch? Should I give him or her back the same value or more? What does he or she want from me?
A small gift is light and escalates the favor of the giver and that is it, no further development. 
In summary, a big gift initiates and develops a burden and a small gift initiates and develops a favor. 


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