Do you like junk food? Things that could happen to you.

You must have salty french fries together with a hamburger.



Cheesy pizzas are a must food for a friends gathering.

Why do we call these delicious and simple food junk foods?

Junk food is a fast food or instant food that has high calories, yet lacks necessary nutritions.

And there are a lot of sodium, sugar, fat and MSG which are know to cause many lifestyle diseases.

In fact, our body reacts to junk foods n many ways and those reactions most of times are not positive.


The advertisement of the junk foods may look different if and when you consider the body change after eating a lot of junks foods often.

  1. Lifestyle disease.
    Sodium, sugar, trans fat and MSG are known to increase the possibility of getting diabetes and cancers. Excessive consumption of sodium is related to obesity as well as hypertension and the excessive consumption of saturated fat also increases the possibilities of cerebrovascular diseases.

  2. The increment of weight.
    As junk foods have no necessary nutritions, yet have high calories, it is likely to gain weight if you enjoy junk food. The study indicates that the parents who eat junk foods often influence their children’s weights. The research shows that the parents who have obese children eat junk foods 3 times or more per week, whereas the parents with slim children eat junk foods less than 3 times per week.

  3. Fatigue
    In 2015, the daily mail reporter in UK experimented having junk foods for a whole week. As a result of it, his concentration level was much lower than usual and had a great fatigue even though he had a long sleep. Our bodies feel fatigue because the junk foods need more energy to digest as it has more fat and high calories than the normal foods.

  4. Cholesterol
    The main reason junk foods taste good is because there are a lot of fat. However the trans fat used in the junk foods could cause a cardiac disorder or stroke.

  5. Skin troubles
    If you have a lot of pimples or son troubles, check whether you re eating too much junk foods or not. There are a lot of sugars and refined white flours in junk foods, high blood sugar level can deteriorate the skin condition according to U.S. Dermatology Associations.

  6. Depression
    Can junk foods influence my mood?
    “My mood was up and down and I was depressed and irritable”said the daily mail reporter about his mod change.

    The study done by University of Navarra in Spain shows that the possibility of getting depression is higher by 51% for those who eat junk foods often than those who do not.

  7. Lower concentration and memory
    Your concentration and memory may be lowered by having a lot of junk foods. University of South Wales in Australia research team confirmed that lowered the recognition capability and loss of memories of our brain if and when we eat junk foods even for 1 week.

Junk foods are delicious, but not good for our health.

We should try to cut down the frequency of having junk foods.

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