Sneeze Hilarious Facial Tissue Box

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Brand: Blowze


  • SOFT, STRONG AND ABSORBENT Our tissue paper is made of our exclusive butterfly-kiss and marshmallow-fluff blend for that ridiculous softness that your face craves. Actually, that's not entirely true. But let's be honest; you aren't getting these for the tissue quality.
  • UNIQUE BOX DESIGNS We confess- we have ulterior motives in creating our tissue line. We were just sick and tired of seeing tissue boxes everywhere with the average personality of a dead weasel, so we present to you our tissue box with a nose.
  • ECOLOGICALLY RESPONSIBLE Our production facility is 100% environmentally conscious, with minimal carbon and flatulence emissions. And we only test our products on human animals, so that's ok.
  • COMPARE US TO KLEENEX Our top quality, reasonably soft tissues are made from trees, and might save you from that fatal sneeze - will your other tissue maker say that??
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA Buy this cool design tissue box for a fun parent, sibling, friend or child. Celebrate a Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, a Birthday or as a get well soon present. We used the box as a canvas and gave it life. Plus, there's no WRONG time to gift tissues.

Publisher: Blowze Tissue Co.

Details: NO MORE BORING. Blowze fills a gaping void in the lives of all Americans; the innate need for Non-Boring Facial Tissues. For some reason, we've all been fine with settling for the same old boring floral tissue boxes. In our opinion, that's only OK for funeral homes and public bathrooms. Blowze is here to change the tissue game. This is a great, unique, fun, wonderful, creative, novelty gag gift idea. Please let us know if you can think of any other good keywords. Also, most importantly, it's cheap!!! For more info, check out the bullets and product description!

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