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Hands-Free Stainless Steel 360°Rotating Spin Mop (Message us "Spin mop" to get your 50% OFF code)

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Brand: Delidge

Color: Green


  • 1.High-Quality Foot Pedal Microfiber Easy Wring Spin Mop & Bucket Material: Stainless Steel Telescopic Mop Handle, Micro Fiber Fabric Mop, PP Bucket.
  • 2.Easy Wring Spin Mop And Bucket System Used on the hardwood floor In The Apartment for Quick Clean Ups In the Bath And Tile Floors
  • 3.Package Include: 1×Stainless Steel Pole, 1×Dehydrate Bucket, 1×Microfiber Mop Heads. Package Size: 46x29x27cm(18"×12"×11" )(L×W×H), Telescopic Rod Length: 40", Telescopic Rod Diameter: 19mm &22mm.Spin Mop and Bucket Cleaning System with 1 Extra Microfiber Spin Mop Head Refills, Easy Wring 360 Rolling Foot Pedal Floor Mop Bucket Set
  • 4.Stainless Steel Telescopic Mop Handle, Smart And Colorful Bucket With Foot Pedal, Plastic Dehydrate Basket Work With The Foot Pedal, Super Labor-Saving Industrial Floor Mops, Manual Press System Spin Mop, Mop Head is Machine Washable.Easy Wring System, Soap Dispenser, Washable Microfiber Cloth Broom
  • 5.High-Efficiency Floor Cleaning, 360 Rotating Washable Mop, No Spills, No Shock And No Damage To Floors, Microfiber Mop Head Works Great Wet Or Dry, Keeps Your Hands Out Of Dirty Water, No Power Consumption And Eco-Friendliness, Micro Fiber Fabric Mop.

Publisher: Delidge

Details: Brand Name:Delidge
Item Name:Foot mop
Model Number:H5783
Material:Aluminum alloy + plastic
Size:46x29x27cm(18"×12"×11" )(L×W×H)
Packaging:Foot Pedal Floor Mop Bucket Set With 1 Mophead

Hassle Free Cleaning & Floor Moping Is Now A Reality With This Mop & Bucket Wringer Combo!
Are you sick and tired of old plastic and easily cracked buckets?
Do you hate stinky mops that need replacement all the time?
If the answer to those questions is yes, then you should keep on reading because we have the greatest spinning and cleaning bucket and mop floor accessory for you!

Spin It Like A Pro
Do not compromise with anything less than perfection when it comes to products cleaning your house thus keeping you and your beloved ones protected from lurking bacteria and germs.
Invest on this durable rotating mop and bucket kit and reap all the benefits of cleaning both lightning fast and effectively.
The mop will spin away dirt and keep your tiled floors crystal clean every single time!
The stainless steel basket is made for some heavy duty spinning, the handle is constructed with a locking design for maximum convenience and the pedal mechanism will withstand continuous pressing for secure swirling experiences.

Clean Floors In 1, 2, 3 Simple Moves
If someone would have ever told you that mopping floors could be an enjoyable procedure you would probably have laughed at his face, right?
Well with our spin dry mop and sturdy bucket this is now a reality.

Firstly, fill in the bucket with water and the detergent of your preference.
Place the microfiber washable mop head inside and allow it to get all wet.
Then put the 360° spin mop in the basket, press the pedal down with your foot and off you go clean your bedroom floor.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today and one as a housewarming gift to a friend.

♥"Delidge,always delidge your life." Hope you have happy shopping time.