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Brand: Lavany

Color: Black


  • 2018 LIMITED EDITION: 10 pressure settings to control water flow speed; 7 nozzles with unique storage; 600 ml water capacity
  • INGENIOUS NOZZLE STORAGE DESIGN: Cleanly stores and organizes spare nozzles; store the 3 standard nozzles in the lid and the other 4 professional nozzles in the storage tray; you can see all nozzles at a glance and access them easily
  • SPLASH-PROOF DESIGN: With an IPX6 waterproof rating, the flosser is fully functional even if splashed with water; built-in tank valve prevents internal water from leaking and guarantees a safer and smoother operation
  • MULTIPLE JET NOZZLES: Includes 3 standard nozzles, a periodontal nozzle, an orthodontic nozzle, a plaque nozzle and a tongue cleaner; suitable for braces, bridges, periodontal pockets, sensitive gums, and crowns; you are sure to find the right nozzle to suit your dental care needs
  • HYGIENIC FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: 3 color-coded standard nozzles for 3 different users; 600 ml reservoir is enough for 3 people to use when fully filled; 10 pressure settings that are easy to adjust for children and the elderly

Publisher: Lavany

Details: The Lavany Oral Irrigator is designed to go where traditional floss cannot, to remove bacteria and plaque from deep between teeth and below the gumline. The flosser guarantees your mouth is always clean and fresh.

New 2017 Streamline Oral Irrigator
This oral irrigator is compact and has a great storage pouch. It can be used both at home, and on your travels. Up to seven nozzles can be stored thanks to its newly designed storage options, meaning no more scattered or lost nozzles.
Anti-slip silicone cups on the base also prevent the device from toppling.

High-Volume Reservoir
It is designed with a large 600 ml reservoir, so you won't need to constantly refill the water. The flip top lid makes refilling convenient and keeps dust and dirt out.

Innovative Design & Brand New Experience
With 10 different water pressures from a gentle massage to a strong blast, you'll find the setting that's right for you. Slide the on/off button on the handle to begin or halt water flow.

Oral Health for Your Whole Family
It includes 3 standard nozzles, a periodontal nozzle, an orthodontic nozzle, a plaque nozzle and a tongue cleaner. All these nozzles deliver therapeutic rinses into gum pockets and remove bacteria that can cause bad breath. More importantly, it provides an easy and safe way for children to clean hard-to-reach areas around braces.

EAN: 6171355553368