Magnetic Eyelashes with 3 Strong Magnets

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  • ❤ EXPERIENCE THE UPGRADED MAGNETIC EYELASHES: Our Leporem high-quality magnetic false eyelashes cover the entire eyelids and include premium quality THREE magnets to give you a glamorous look and make sure that the lashes never fall off from your pretty eyes. The strong triple magnetic forces make the eyelashes cling to your eyelashes all day until removed.
  • ❤ SUPER EASY AND SIMPLE USE: Transform your makeup routine and use the best magnetic fake eyelashes on the market for a beautiful, professional and natural look that you can wear within seconds. With 3 magnets and 3 separate bottom lashes, our premium false lashes have been designed by makeup specialists to be extremely easy to apply. Save time and enjoy a professional salon expertise right to your home! GET A GLAMOROUS LOOK FAST!
  • ❤ NO MORE GLUE MESS & SAVE MONEY: Never worry about glue and mess any longer and forget about skin irritation. Our Leporem glue-free false lashes do not irritate your eyes or cause damage to your natural lashes. Our high-quality magnetic lashes are carefully handcrafted and, with proper care, can be reused many times. Save a massive amount of money by reusing the same false lashes over and over again.
  • ❤ Ultra lightweight: Leporem Magnetic false lashes are ultra-lightweight. You won't feel like you are wearing fake lashes at all. Comfortable enough for all day wear. You can wear them for work or school, evenings out, special occasions, and date night with your loved one.
  • ❤ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If you're not 100% satisfied with them, please contact us and we will resolve the problems for you or we will refund your money. NO questions asked.

Publisher: ENA Co., Ltd.

Details: ✿ Transform your look within seconds with Leporem Magnetic False Eyelashes.
☆ Get a pair of Leporem magnetic false eyelashes to become the most seductively charming sexy Queen. 

✿ Have you been disappointed by the cheap quality of false eyelashes? 
☆ Meet Leporem magnetic eyelashes, the best one in the market!

How to use: 
Step 1: Apply mascara or any other eye makeup before applying the magnetic eyelashes. Using your fingers, hold the top strip over your eye as close to your lash line as possible.(Don't worry if the lashes look straight, they are extremely flexible and will bend upon application to adjust to the natural curve of your lash line).
Step 2: Using tweezers or your fingers, pick up the inner corner bottom lashes. Without blinking, place it under your natural lashes. The top magnet will magnetize to the bottom magnet with your own lashes in between. Once the magnets connect, they are secure.
Step 3: Repeat the same steps to secure the middle magnets and the outer corner magnets
Step 4: To remove, gently slide away from the lashes in opposite direction to separate the magnets.

Tips for daily care:
☆ Make your eyelash curling up before use it.
☆ You can also apply some mascara, then it will be easy to wear.
☆ If the false eyelashes is too long for you, cut it with scissors.
☆ Please be gently when you take off the magnetic false eyelashes.

Package includes: 
✔ 2 Pairs 4 Pieces Magnetic False Eyelashes 
✔ 1 Pair of Tweezers
✔ 1 Storage Case

✿ If you're not 100% satisfied with them, ship them back and we will refund your money. NO questions asked.
✿ If the product arrived damaged or dirty, ship them back and we will replace them for FREE.

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Brand: Leporem

EAN: 6981144422085