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Kitchen Dish Brushes & Sponge Set (Message us "Kitchen dish brush" to get your 60% OFF code)

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Brand: Mee'life

Color: Green/White


  • Good Foaming Effect- High polymer fiber has superior cleaning performance,cleaner and this kind of material will make more foam.
  • Liquid Storage Bottle Design-The storage bottle is designed with transparent material and the remaind liquid can be seen.
  • Comfortable Handle-Human hand grip shape,comfortable grip,concave and convex conform to ergonomic design, use more flexibility, save time and labor.Just add a little water, press the brush head button to add liquid, washing is easy for you.
  • Clean Thoroughly&Easy To Replace-The circular arc brush head design can make you have large clean range,the top of the brush has a shovel designed to remove stubborn stainswon't leave dead angle,make clean more thoroughly.Brush head can be disassembled,convenient to replace.
  • Conveniently Hang: Brush bar can hang on hook, easy to store and use,and keep the brush clean, the kitchen tidy. Hope you like our products,if you have any question feel free to contact us and we will solve your problem as soon as possible.

Publisher: Mee'life

Details: Description:
-This Brush Makes a Difference In Dishwashing: If you dishwash all by hand and this brush has been a huge help. It isn't too wide to reach into your cups and the brush is a good hardness as well because it cleans china dishes and it won't even leave a single scratch! It is easy to refill and also that you can change out the brush head when it eventually gets old. Hope you can enjoy using it!
-Rich Double: With automatic adding system,the blister is very rich, only need to add a few cleaner, the foam come out instantly.
-Humanized Design: Comfortable handle and grip,easy to hold and save your time and effort.
-Automatic: Easy to press,free to control the amount of liquid,make your clean more convenient and faster.
-Easy Disassembly:Brush head can be removable and replaceable, so you can always have a fresh brush when you need it.

How to replace the sponge head:
1- Rotating the brush head anticlockwise, or turning the handle clockwise,and then the head and the handle separated.
2- Replace the sponge head:Holding the handle plugs into the sponge head hole and then rotate the head clockwise.

Materials:PP+Silica gel
This material will be sturdier and will be used longer.
This color will look cleaner and hygienic in the kitchen.

1*Sponge head
Package size:

UPC: 612409314512

EAN: 0612409314512