Make Your Camping More Convenient and Lighter

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  • FUEL IS FREE - Eliminates the need to carry fuel when camping in areas where biomass is available.
  • Collapsible, No-Bulk Design - Has a patented collapsible combustion chamber that reduces bulk and ensures quick lighting and hot burning.
  • Your Choice of Fuel - Can use both wood/biomass and solid/liquid fuels.
  • Weighs Under 2 Pounds!
  • Sturdy and durable - made of aluminum and stainless steel.

Publisher: Sunzone

Details: nCamp has designed a camping stove that uses a fuel source readily available in forests. By relying on sticks and twigs that cover the forest floor mean that you have one less thing to carry. While wood burning camping stoves exist, they are usually bulky because of the nature of an effective combustion chamber. By making a collapsible combustion chamber, nCamp created a compact and effective system that uses both wood/biomass and solid/liquid fuels. The nCamp Stove is an effective tool for cooking outdoors and it folds into a compact form factor that is easy to pack and carry. - Just unfold the nCamp Stove and expand the combustion chamber. - Fill the chamber with combustible material and light. - Within minutes you will have a fire hot enough to cook and boil water. - It is compact. - Has a useful work surface. - It is made of aluminum and stainless steel and is durable, stable and lightweight.

Brand: nCamp

Color: Silver

UPC: 867892000309

EAN: 0867892000309