Toilet Cell Phone Holder

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  • KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF - Hands free texting smart phone stand holds your phone so you can take care of business. Only use your fingertips on the screen and keep it clean.
  • BEST BATHROOM GAG GIFTS EVER - The hilarious packaging makes the Potty Texter one of the top funny cellphone accessories of the year, but the actual phone stand makes it a useful gift for cell phone junkies too.
  • POOP AND TEXT ANYWHERE - The lightweight compact design folds down for storage and travel. Whether you're at the grocery store or in an outhouse at a music festival, you can use this sophisticated piece of shextnology for texting, selfies, watching videos, recording videos, and much more that we don't even want to think about.
  • DO IT ALL WHILE YOU DOO IT ALL - This bathroom gag gift safely holds your cell phone in a vertical or horizontal position, so you can chat, text, take toilet selfies, watch crappy movies and catch up on your favorite shows all while you're making the world's biggest poop.
  • FREE GIFT - The Potty Texter includes a FREE doorhanger that says: DO NOT DISTURB | POTTY TEXTING IN PROGRESS.

Genre: Entertainment

Publisher: Gears Out

Details: The Potty Texter Toilet Cell Phone Holder is hands-down the best bathroom gag gift ever created. Never has it been easier to take a dump while answering - or deleting - ten thousand texts from your mom. This hilarious solution to hands free texting is useful and tops the list of funny cell phone accessories in 2017. Shextnology (texting tech for shitters) is in its infancy, and this is your chance to be a toilet texting trendsetter.
If you've ever found yourself needing to grip the toilet seat while birthing a mammoth, but didn't want to set your phone down on a filthy bathroom surface, our smartphone stand should top your list of must-have universal cell phone accessories for sure.
Not only is the Potty Texter one of this year's top funny cellphone accessories, it's actually very handy. The stand securely holds your smart phone in place and can adjusted so your screen is vertical for texting, updating social media, and taking a toilet selfie, or horizontal for watching movies on your cell phone.
And, the Potty Texter Toilet Cell Phone Stand collapses for easy travel. Fold it up and your bathroom texting can go virtually anywhere shit happens.

Brand: Gears Out

Color: gray and black

UPC: 686751308703

EAN: 0686751308703