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Silicone Nipple Covers with Nipple Protection & Adhesive (Type in "Nipple covers" toget your code)

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  • 💋 COMFIER & HEALTHIER: Our self-adhesive nipple concealers are designed to provide you with a comfortable, healthier and more fashionable alternative to traditional bras. These nipple pasties with ultra-thin edges seamlessly attach to your nipples to provide the perfect braless look while making sure your sensitive parts stay completely comfortable throughout the day.
  • 💋 SUPERIOR QUALITY & COVERAGE: Made using 100% skin friendly and hypoallergenic silicone, these self-adhesive nipple covers offer just the right coverage and use medical grade adhesive to provide the perfect fit. Thanks to the seamless no-show coverage, design these are perfect for wearing under all kinds of clothes including t-shirts, sheer tops, dresses, and swimwear.
  • 💋 SELF-ADHESIVE & REUSABLE: Our silicone pasties petal bras use medical grade adhesive that makes sure that the nipple covers don't fall off even in humid environments or even when you're sweating. Thanks to the high quality of the materials, our invisible nipple covers are waterproof, washable and reusable to keep your nipples comfortably hidden and provide long-term use.
  • 💋 NO SWEAT BUILDUP: Unlike normal adhesive nipple covers that cause sweating and irritation, our womens silicone pasties are made using a non-sticky protector cloth in the middle that minimizes sweat build-up, provides better protection to your sensitive parts and offers better coverage to ensure you feel free, relaxed and comfortable the entire time.
  • 💋 100% RISK-FREE PURCHASE: Customer satisfaction always has and always will be our top priority. From using the highest quality food grade silicone to use powerful skin-friendly adhesive, we take all the right steps to make sure you get the best adhesive nipple cover on the market. Each purchase you make is backed by our 10% Customer Satisfaction Warranty so that you can order today knowing your investment is risk-free.


We want to provide women around the world with a comfier and healthier alternative to wear uncomfortable sting bras – so we did!

Product Details:

  • Package Contents: 1 Pair flower-petal covers with integrated breast lift.
  • Nipple covers are made from 100% hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly silicone.

Why should you buy this product?

  • This nipple breast petal bra is made with comfort in mind to provide you with a healthier, safer and sexier alternative compared to traditional bras giving you an ultra-smooth appearance.
  • Thanks to the food grade silicone we use, these are completely safe for your skin, cause no irritation and are 100% Waterproof making these perfect for a day at the beach or pool.
  • Designed to help you show off your gorgeous shoulders and breasts while keeping your nipples safely covered, these reusable nipple covers are a must have for any woman that wants to wear revealing dresses, tights or swimsuits to look and feel fabulous.

Extra Benefits:

  • Each of our silicone pasties are Washable and Reusable as well as being easy to put on and take off.
  • After each use, simply hand wash the nipple concealers in warm water with some soap and let it dry naturally.
  • After it dries it will regain its self-adhesive properties to provide you reliable use up to 20 times or more!
  • Click on the “Add To Cart” button now to order today to stay comfy, look fabulous and feel free with these premium womens silicone nipple pasties.